BlackBerry Messenger on your Desktop!


Try Fixmo Web Messenger free trial on your BlackBerry go to:

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Fixmo Web Messenger provides an entirely new experience by allowing you to access your devices BlackBerry® Messenger experience directly from any web browser. To use Fixmo Web Messenger, download and install the Fixmo Web Messenger mobile application on your BlackBerry®. After installing the mobile app, simply visit the Fixmo website and log-in to start using BlackBerry® Messenger on the web with all of the convenience of a full-size keyboard.

Fixmo Web Messenger Features:
• BlackBerry® Messenger from any web browser on PC or Mac (flash support required)
• Secured communications between the web browser and the BlackBerry® device to ensure your communications remain safe
• Access the Fixmo Web application through either: the Fixmo website, the Fixmo Web Messenger iGoogle gadget or the Fixmo Web Messenger Facebook application

What’s new in Fixmo Web Messenger?
• Support for international characters
• Significantly reduced lag with new “Local Wifi” option
• Browser “Pop-out” option to always keep BBM visible on your PC
• New incoming message alert – browser tab “flashes” when new BBM comes in, so you can keep your BlackBerry on silent.
• Further enhanced end-to-end message security
• Minor bug fixes

Fixmo Extend – free tethering!


Fixmo Extend is now in open beta – download now for free – no signup required:
Download now

New Tether App – beta testers needed!


We are looking for beta testers for an exciting new tether app:

Windows PC

If you would like to participate and meet the requirements, please send the following information to

1) Full Name
2) Blackberry model (e.g. bold 9700)
3) Mobile Carrier network name (e.g. AT&T)
4) Version of Windows
5) Blackberry PIN number (e.g. 123abcde)

New App – BerryCracker


BerryCracker – free you BlackBerry!

The only BlackBerry app that removes your network SIM lock…
Available from Mobihand, App World or our Shop

What is a Network Lock?
A network lock stops you from using another network’s SIM card in your Blackberry. If you see “invalid SIM card” when you insert another SIM card, your device is network locked.

Why should I unlock my device?
Once your device is unlocked, you can use it on any GSM network.
This is usefull if you are travelling and want to use a local SIM card, if you want to change carriers but keep your existing phone, if you want to use a device locked to another network on your current network etc..

What does this app do?
This app will provide you with the unlock codes needed to remove the network lock on your device.
The app will collect all the necessary information from your device, and will then send it off to our unlock servers.
You will then receive the unlock codes (a seperate email will also be sent) and full instructions on how to use them.
The whole process is automatic and INSTANT – you will get your codes in seconds.

Final Push to Top 10! Remote Print Sale…


Help us get into the App World Top Ten with this insane price for Remote Print – only $4.99!
App World Link

Wifi File Transfer for Storm2 – beta users needed!


It looks like RIM has finally fixed an issue with their Storm2 Wifi API and it is now possible to use Wifi File Transfer on your Storm2!

We are looking for beta testers to try the app out.
What you need:

  • A Storm2 running OS5.0.0.553 or above.
  • A wifi network
  • Time to test the app and provide feedback to us.

Interested people please give us a mail at with subject line “Wifi File Transfer Storm2 beta” your name, your device PIN number and the full version of your device OS (e.g.

UPDATE: OS is unfortunately showing mixed results so we are no longer Beta testing on this OS version. If you have a newer OS installed, please apply!

Wifi Media Backup now available on App World!


Wifi Media Backup has just been approved for sale on App World.

Remote Print Server Update v1.0.0.2


We have updated out Remote Print server at the request of many users:
The server now automatically starts up when the PC is turned on, and can also be minimized to run in the system tray.

The new server can be downloaded here.
To upgrade the server, uninstall the previous version via Control Panel -> Add Remove Programs, then install the new version.

Let us know what you think!

Wifi Media Baackup is now available for Touch Devices (Storm 2)


Wifi Media Backup now available for Storm2 from Mobihand.

New Application: Wifi Media Backup


We are proud to announce our newest application: Wifi Media Backup:


Automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from Blackberry to PC – wirelessly and in the background.
“Take photos and videos all day, arrive home, and have them waiting on your PC in minutes.”
Think Eye-Fi for Blackberry – with no extra hardware needed.

Wifi Media Backup is available from MobiHand (App World coming soon)

What’s the fuss about?:
1) Take a photo, video or voice-note on your Blackberry, anywhere.
2) Return home or to the office – anywhere where you have a wifi network and PC (our free Media Server must be installed on this PC).
3) Your photos, videos and voice-notes will auto-magically be uploaded to the PC over WiFi – all seamlessly in the background.
You can now view all your Blackberry media on your PC – no cables, no Media Manager, no hassle!


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