We are proud to announce our newest application: Wifi Media Backup:


Automatically upload photos, videos and voice-notes from Blackberry to PC – wirelessly and in the background.
“Take photos and videos all day, arrive home, and have them waiting on your PC in minutes.”
Think Eye-Fi for Blackberry – with no extra hardware needed.

Wifi Media Backup is available from MobiHand (App World coming soon)

What’s the fuss about?:
1) Take a photo, video or voice-note on your Blackberry, anywhere.
2) Return home or to the office – anywhere where you have a wifi network and PC (our free Media Server must be installed on this PC).
3) Your photos, videos and voice-notes will auto-magically be uploaded to the PC over WiFi – all seamlessly in the background.
You can now view all your Blackberry media on your PC – no cables, no Media Manager, no hassle!