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The largest dictionary available for the Blackberry – over 26MB of data presented in beautiful HTML format.

Don’t pay twice the price for an inferior plain-text dictionary not specifically designed for the Blackberry…get the largest English Dictionary and Thesaurus available:
Over 26MB of dictionary data available on your Blackberry – no need for the internet or mobile connection.

Available from Mobihand and App World

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You can download the dictionary data straight to your device over WiFi or Mobile Network, or download the data manually here and use the USB cable:
Dictionary Data

Support and FAQ:

How it works:

The first time you start up the application, you will be asked to download the dictionary data. This can be done directly from the device over WiFi (recommended), from the device over the mobile network (only recommended for those with unlimited data plans), or the data can downloaded to your PC and transferred to the BB by USB cable.
After this, all dictionary data will be available on the device.

What’s so special about this dictionary?

This application uses one of the largest English databases “WordNet”. It contains over 250,000 entries and more than 1.6 million words (American and British English).

This is the only dictionary on the Blackberry that displays definitions in an HTML format (think iPhone dictionaries). This means that each definition has in-built links to related words, and you can jump seamlessly between definitions.

Each definition is displayed in a clean web-page like format and can be scrolled, searched etc just like a normal web page.

No web connection needed – once the application data is downloaded the dictionary data is all stored on the device.


  • Links between words: More than 300,000 links between definitions. Almost every definition contains links to other definitions including “Similar Words”, “Opposite”, “More General”, “More Specific” and more…
  • Accurate content: Clear and precise definitions developed by the Cognitive Science Laboratory at Princeton University.
  • GUI designed for Blackberry: not just a port of a standard Java dictionary
  • Smooth & Beautiful Layout: Our unique HTML display engine presents definitions as web pages.
  • Fast: Searching and jumping between definitions optimized for the Blackberry platform.
  • Bookmarks: unlimited bookmarks.



Main screen lookup


Definition screen: Clean HTML based paged with inbuilt links.


On starting the dictionary, you will be prompted to download the dictionary data.


Choose to download dictionary data to Device Memory or SD Card


Download the data straight from the device (only need to do so once)


Definition with inbuilt links - acts just like a webpage


Unlimited Bookmarks.

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